Facility Expansion, Renovation & Re-Design

Facility ExpansionMost golf course operations are in dynamic market places that require ongoing and periodic renovations to stay competitive and current.  Redwire Sports has expertise in recognizing market shifts and in designing, planning and overseeing appropriate changes. With respect to operational needs and a specific return on investment we identify improvements which best utilize the owner’s capital funds.  We actively and continuously seek out potential opportunities for additional revenues and dollars per square foot by recognizing earnings potential and the return on investment through the enhancement of existing facilities.  Conceptual design services include: 

  • Complete clubhouse redesigns, including offices, golf shops, restaurants, kitchens and storage areas
  • Golf course modifications, specializing in reduction of maintainable acres
  • Operational redesign solutions that lead to reduced labor and operating expenses
  • Inventory control through effective re-designs of storage areas